Bonny MacNab

Bonny MacNab has been an artist all her life. Growing up on the west coast in Canada she discovered early on in school that she excelled in art and all creative activities. After graduation, she moved to the prairies where the wide open space, her proximity to the boreal forest, and the long winters provided a perfect opportunity for her to develop her skills as an artist. Nature and artist interact on a regular basis, through many mediums that include plein air painting to “eco-printing”. Over the years, she carried her technique onto textiles using silk as her preferred canvas. Bonny finds that silk provides another dimension to her work with the movement of the fabric.

Her work has earned her many awards and is found in homes around the world. Her most recent mural project is home at the New Mosaic Stadium, it is fill with portraits celebration and memories. She was awarded the Rivers West District Volunteer Recognition Award-Artist of the Year 2018.

In the company of other accomplished artists, Bonny also attends various artist retreats which help to provide her with inspiration and additional knowledge as well as conducting numerous education classes herself.

The Black Spruce Gallery is pleased to carry a selection of silk scarves and panels by Bonny.