Cheryl Tuck Tallon

“The insurance industry is the least likely place for a person with artistic passion who likes to take risks, but there I was a successful group insurance consultant – analysing data for clients so they could reduce their risk!  I took a risk! I sold my business and now spend my days passionately infusing my paintings with colour, patterns and taking risk with designs. But as opposite as those two occupations are, there are actually many things that I learned in the statistical risk management world of insurance that I apply to my art.

In the art world, it is said that an artist must understand and be proficient at constructed art to be able to do deconstructed art – like Picasso did with his portraits. So to it is with my landscapes, florals and modern pieces.  Rather than willy nilly colours and strokes, I work with the patterns of nature, the repetition, the balance, the action- counter reaction.

Do I always pre-think every stroke?   Heck no!  I often start with something bizarre and then I have to construct the balance of the piece to put it into perspective. Years of being an artist in floral design created a visual instinct as I grew up with a family that owned flower shops – a cornucopia of visual stimuli!

One other lesson the insurance industry taught me was discipline with my time.  I don’t wait until the inspiration finds me – I find it.  Every day I get to paint is a gift.  I cherish it. Life is too short to play it safe. “

Cheryl is a professional artist and also represented by Darrell Bell Gallery and Old Town Gallery (CABO Mex.) She is a graduate of the U of S Certificate of Art and Design, and a student of the arts, art educator and art retailer.  She splits her time between their homes in Saskatoon and Emma Lake.