Jacqueline Faye Miller

“Everybody sings in a different Color” – Quote by  – Marlene

I was born in small town Saskatchewan. I’ve worked and lived in the prairie provinces of Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta. I returned to Saskatchewan in the late 90’s and now live in Saskatoon.

As a dear friend once told me, “You were put here to create and communicate what you see through color and style!” Whether impressionistic, expressive or abstract, a confident brush stroke, the swipe of a crayon or intricate pencil. These are the tools I create with to tell you the story of what I’ve seen today.

I am a disciplined painter, prolific, versatile and experimental with a preference for acrylics on canvas. I use strong confident brush strokes to bring varied subjects to life with vibrant colors.

I paint in series and collections to keep my passion and ambition fresh. My muse might take me through rural landscapes, through the city, into the garden or up in the clouds. There are no walls to my borders. It may actually just come from the atmosphere of the place I am visiting at the time.

I always have my camera with me. Sure I’ll do Plein Air, but really, I don’t like it when bugs land in my paint or crawl up my leg.

Lately I like to have piles of stretched or rolled canvas around me. While I’m working on one piece I’m looking at the size and wondering if my next painting will look good on it. Should it be horizontal or vertical? I do not paint on a white canvas. Because I want my viewer to experience a feeling I will pick and choose my ground color specifically to get a feeling across.

I may or may not sketch first it depends on what the series is. My landscapes are usually right from the heart. A light wash of paint to get the idea down then a stroke here, a stroke there, dabs of color – dry – more dabs of color – no wait, it needs more movement, texture… oops to much take away. That’s pretty much how my landscapes evolve.

My portraits and urban scapes are usually sketched lightly, then a wash of paint is added but from there, its spontaneous applications of paint, texture and color.

I am generally fun and energetic and want my work to reflect this; I want the colors to dance