Jennifer Sparacino

“l have been inspired by nature and our innate connection to it my entire life. Growing up in semi-rural British Columbia, my formative years were filled with the perfume of the woods and the symphony of birds and frogs. A short time in Vancouver for college gave me a reminder of how grounding the natural world is for me and how without regular contact I feel slightly unhinged. Presently, I see our species continuing en-masse to widen the divide between itself and nature both physically and emotionally or spiritually. As I continue to see the effects of human-caused environmental damages, I’m reminded of what I intuited as a young child and what has been echoed in all Earth-centred philosophies and ways of living-that we are literally comprised of the Earth and anything we do to her we ultimately do to ourselves. Now as a mother I see this truth even more clearly. I paint the wild animals as a means to reconnect with the Earth through a felt kinship with them, as they too are feeling the effects of our modern societies which have created unappeasable desires for ‘more’ and the technology to obtain it. The colours I use are bright and bold, offering the viewer a chance to see familiar faces of these animals in a slightly new light. Perhaps, in some way I am attempting to bring them into a meaningful focus as a reminder to see through their eyes the connection we truly have.”Jennifer Sparacino was born in 1982, in Vancouver British Columbia, Canada. In 2007, she received her 3-year diploma in Graphic Design and Illustration (IDEA Program) from Capilano University. In 2011 she began working full time as an artist, with painting as her primary means of expression. Sparacino’s current body of work has focused largely on animals as subject matter, characterized by Fauvist-inspired colours and boldly applied paint with strong graphic patterns and textures. She currently lives and works in Chilliwack BC.