Warren Baird

In some particular order, I am a father, a product manager for a software company you’ve probably heard of, and an artist.  I was born in Prince Albert, Sask and grew up at Emma Lake, and although I now live in Montreal I still make it out to Emma once a year, and incorporate a lot of photography from the area in my work.

I believe that science is beautiful, and I work hard to show that in my art and jewellery. My process is to create images with a scientific bent – using data from the Hubble Space Telescope, or photos of physical processes like smoke moving in the air or interference patterns in soap film.  I often blend in photos of landscapes or other things to create the final image.  I create jewellery from these images by printing them on silvered plastic and embedding them in resin.

The Black Spruce Gallery carries a good variety of Warren’s works in pendants and earrings starting at $30.