Wilder Wilder took root in 2015 with a simple idea: create beautiful cards for people that love the outdoors incorporating a piece of wood in each card. Nature plays an important role in all of the design choices and in all of Wilder Cards' business choice. Their intention is to ensure people [...]


Wild Blue Yonder

Wild Blue Yonder Amber Aasman began crafting jewelry from wood back in 2014 - simply because she wanted a wood pendant and couldn't find anything she liked. She began experimenting with found wood, lichens, and epoxy resin. As she wore the handmade pieces, friends and family began asking for similar ones. Pushing [...]

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Watson Pewter

Watson Pewter Watson Pewter began in Peterborough in 1972 by Marjorie & Gordon Watson. For many years the Watson's had a beautiful shop in downtown Peterborough, but after deciding to retire in 1998 they closed the shop. At that time their daughter Ruth and her husband Grant took over the business and [...]

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Beautiful Science – Warren Baird

Beautiful Science - Warren Baird Warren Beard believes that science is beautiful and works hard to show that in his art and jewellery. He creates an image with a scientific bent, using data from the Hubble Space Telescope, or photos of physical processes like smoke moving in the air or interference patterns [...]

Beautiful Science – Warren Baird2021-04-24T09:45:01-06:00

Ugly Bunny

Ugly Bunny Ugly Bunny is the collaboration Lead by Sarah Jane Sichello whose art and design backgrounds come together to create a line of lighthearted jewelry. Each piece involves a laser-cutting technique that transforms original sketches and designs onto wood and other materials. Earrings are mounted on stainless steel posts. Ugly Bunny [...]

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Teresa Wyss

Teresa Wyss Teresa ceramics reflect her my love of nature and are also useful in everyday life. Born in Cornwall, Ontario, Teresa earned a degree with honours in Geography from Guelph University in 1992 and later relocated to Calgary where she met my husband. Teresa is primarily self-taught, having taken the odd [...]

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Susie Cipolla

Susie Cipolla Susie first broke into the art world at the age of seven, winning a bicycle in a Dairyland colouring contest. After that, art languished on life's back burner while she finished school and pursued a career in physiotherapy. In 2009, at the urging of a friend, she took a painting [...]

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Susan Robertson

Susan Robertson While it started as a hobby, her love of clay soon caused her pursue pottery full time. Susan creates colourful, functional hand built, hand painted production work as well as one-of-a-kind functional and sculptural pieces. To meet the ever- expanding demand for her work, the studio was moved to a [...]

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