Roger Trottier

Roger teaches part time for the University of Saskatchewan Certificate in the Art and Design program teaching visual art survey, illustrating and Roger devotes his free time to studying, sketching, photographing, and painting Saskatchewan landscapes. He seeks to capture in color, the uniqueness and vibrancy of prairie environment and evidences of the land interacting with human culture. He enjoys finding visual elements that tell a story about prairie places and describing the pageant visually.

Experienced Adjunct Instructor with a demonstrated history of working in the higher education industry, Roger is skilled in art education, curriculum development, art, adult education, and teaching. Roger earned a BA, BEd, MEd, Adv. Certificate Art and History focused in history, English, art, teacher education, distance education, educational technology from University of Saskatchewan.

Roger co-founded plein air artist group, Men Who Paint, a group of five painters who began painting together in 2007. Inspired by the work and adventurous spirit of the early Canadian painters, the Men Who Paint have a preference for painting outside. The combined artistic experience of the group offers a unique diversity and their collective dynamic thrives on each individual’s passion for finding expression through interpretation of not only their Saskatchewan home but landscapes across Canada.