Teresa Wyss

Teresa ceramics reflect her my love of nature and are also useful in everyday life. Born in Cornwall, Ontario, Teresa earned a degree with honours in Geography from Guelph University in 1992 and later relocated to Calgary where she met my husband. Teresa is primarily self-taught, having taken the odd class to supplement her independent learning.

The pots she creates reflect the enjoyment Teresa has for throwing, embellishing, creating and using. She creates each piece with its own unique character and personality, whether it be a change in the spout, foot, rim, glaze colour or decorative element. Her pieces are wheel thrown and altered in some way. Teresa embellishes the pots with deep relief carving at times, others with mixtures of various coloured glazes, and has recently started incorporating light-relief drawings with black slip into her pieces. The forms she makes are usually organic in nature, reflecting her love of the material. Teresa incorporates a truly “hand-made” look to her work. Teresa’s inspirations for surfaces come from a love of texture and colour combinations – feel as well as sight.

Teresa currently works from my studio in Calgary, where she lives with my husband Nick, son Rowan and two daughters Charlotte and Samantha.

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